Collective project

The trees, as well as the sky that hangs above it and the rocks beneath those trees, may have a lot of knowledge that we as humans wandering on the hills, may not know. How can we learn from them? What do we want to learn from them? Are we ready to hear what they have to tell us? How do we relate to them, how do they relate to us? What is their experience of the city? How would we develop the means to hear their stories? Asking the right questions, one can begin to hear the stories of the trees. And as with any conversation, by listening to others we listen to ourselves.

Maybe we share this knowledge, but we can’t know unless we take the time to listen. We, the Mouries – a circle of women with practices of divination and healing – are interested in building a conversation with the trees. We receive our guests in a picnic in the farangi, where we share our methods, thoughts and intuitions. We then guide each visitor to a different space in the grove where a mediator assists their connection with the trees. Let’s open our senses and new intimacies through one to one encounters, conversations, stories and songs in the forest.

Sketching rituals for the regeneration of forests.A three-hour workshop to imagine, discuss and put in practice ideas for rituals to mourn, accompany, and heal with our lost forests. This encounter is inspired by the recent fires in Greece, and is an open invitation to those who, like us, feel the need to do something without knowing exactly what. Maybe we will find out together.

Oi Mouries are a fluid group composed by different women at different times. Mainly Auriane Blanc, Thalia Dimitropoulou, Isabel Gutierrez, Maria Juliana Byck, Eliana Otta, Vasilikí Sifoustratoudaki and Sanem Su Avcı.

Φεστιβάλ Λυκαβηττού Lykabettos Festival 2021

Athens Garden Festival 2021

Lost and shared: Approaches to collective mourning towards transformative politics 2021