Collective Project

Khora Community Center

Athens, Greece

June 2019 – May 2023

The Beehive is a welcoming and supportive maker space with a focus on art and creative expression as a means to well-being and mental health. After forced displacement refugees face many obstacles to thriving and integration, particularly women and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Centering the needs of underserved, vulnerable populations we provide materials and studio space to revival and discovery of skilled crafts via the provision of classes, workshops and skillshares.

The Beehive is organized by a collective of solidarity workers responding to the global displacement crisis. We are a working group of Khora, a community centre with a mission to provide compassionate and dignified services through a non-hierarchical, consensus-based organizational structure. We believe in every individual’s potential to thrive. We are working together as volunteers to create an open studio in Athens with a focus on healing through creative practice and resilience through building new communities and networks of support.