Matera, Italy 2014 unMonastery

Public space intervention, napping in Basilicata, rest as resistance, preserving cultural heritage. In Southern Italy the Pisolino is called controra (from contro (“counter”) + ora “hour”), that is believed as a magical moment of the day, in which the world comes back in possession of ghosts and spirits.

There is no escape. You must work, consume, be silent, and die. But if you’re lucky, you’ll get a few naps in before it’s over. Covert napping, besides being healthy, has the added benefit of reducing productivity. Officially sanctioned napping is an atrocity, exploiting all the benefits of a nap for profit-driven productive. Don’t get us wrong, napping has been proven to make you (personally) more productive. But only illegal napping or free style napping stimulate your imagination and allow you to think more clearly, and will prevent your nap induced creativity and increased productivity from being exploited by the system. What’s more, it can make your miserable life longer so you can become a strain on the economy while enjoying your idleness.

When you’re taking a nap, you are at your most vulnerable. Your right to nap is not a right for others to monitor or chastise you. Some companies have begun spying on employees that utilize their on-site nap rooms. Do not let corporate Multi-nationals  “give” you a nap, the nap is your and you must “take” the nap. If you fall for their ploys of “allowing” you to nap, you are also opening yourself up to have your napping rights revoked as well.