Collective Project

Presenting traditional & musical improvisational theater in Athens, Greece, WHOOSH brings together Greece/UK, Germany, France, and the United States in an experimental musical English-language performance collective.

Whoosh presents a pop up jukebox of our signature brand of playful and revealing improvisational theater. Guided by the audience, we weave together music and games sharing our collective joy in the spontaneous and wacky. Experimenting with well-known forms of improvisational theater, disrupted by a penchant for bursting out into musical theatrics, Whoosh showcases an extraordinary range of rhythm and rhyming lungs spanning a range of genres to present both traditional and sing-a-long adventures. Each of our performances showcases our ever-evolving, expanded game of WHOOSH- a classic international improv favorite. Our ever evolving new improvisational forms create chaos and unexpected surprises not only for the audience but also for the performers. Together since September 2022 in various forms, we are currently comprised of Maria Juliana Byck, Clement Marquet, Felix Metzger, Erophile Papadogia and Diane Studer.

Click for video of May 12, 2024 performance at Embros Theater in Athens, Greece