Stewardship Series
Documentary Shorts
County Durham, England 2014 and Cataluña, Spain 2015

Amber Film and Video Collective, Newcastle, England.

A series of interviews investigating the concept of stewardship from a wealthy hedge fund manager taking over vast holdings of property previously bequeathed by royalty to the church, to a community coming together to revitalize an abandoned and forgotten vaudeville theater in downtown Glasgow. The videos document a broad range of practices and characters engaged in sharing, preserving, rediscovering, and managing shared community assets. Twenty different investigations include a film and video collective documenting the working class in Northern England for the last 50 years, a water commons activist organizations learning from Native American concepts of living in exchange with the earth, and a former factory revitalized into a community space and an abandoned monastery becoming a home for a community based on movement, are among the many manifestations of the modern concept of stewardship and the emerging commons. How do these projects engage? who benefits? will people develop sustainable practices for managing shared assets and resources or will it become another form of exploitation and enclosure of the commons.

Ruddymoor Allotments, County Durham, England 2014

Amber Film and Photography Collective, Newcastle, England 2014

Monastery of Dreams: Living Art Base, Pontos, Cataluña 2015