Reflections through Movements
Solo show, cumulative installation
CROSS Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2016


installation View

Share, listen, and discover with others, ways to separate self from the systems constructed around us.

Created through merging the traditions of psychogeography and documentary film, this installation seeks to break out of the structures and norms that are defined by dominant narratives.


Installation view

A series of open-ended walks with individuals from Taipei released ideas, impressions, memories and knowledge. Through these insights, the relationship inhabitants have to the city became visible and revealed an emerging cultural common. Movement in unstructured ways brings into focus what is not apparent in the rhythm of everyday life, but resting in the mind of the landscape. Glimpses of light shine on the intangible collective consciousness. In Taipei, there is a quest to define one’s identity, piece together a fractured history, and grapple with the uncertainty of trusting the surrounding systems.


Installation view

What are the barriers and borders that limit us? What are the questions we have and problems that shape how we relate to others? How can we make the invisible forces that define us more visible?  These are questions that people in Taipei began to form with me from the moment I arrived.


There are no wrong answers.


This is a space for your ideas, experiences and stories to be exchanged.


You are the expert of your life.