Proximities, a collaboration with passTRESpass Athens
soundtrack and performance
Benaki Museum  Athens, Greece 2016

The work is to pose questions regarding how we negotiate boundaries on the different levels; human relationships, physical space, and cultural practices. Participants explore movement vocabulary with an emphasis on excavating  psycho-geographies, personal stories and communal histories. As we are confronted with each other and other cultures, how can we successfully co-exist and flourish? What do we carry with us? What do we leave behind and how does that effect our environment?

With recent refugees from Syria and Afghanistan Greece we created a performance and sound installation for the Benaki Museum [OUT] TOPIAS Performance and public / outdoor space exhibition 22/09/2016 – 20/11/2016.


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disPLACEment, a collaboration with passTRESpass New York, NY
video projections and sound installation
Anita’s Way, Times Square, New York, NY and Embros Theater Athens, Greece

At a moment when more bodies are pouring across borders in search of refuge than ever before, passTRESpass 2016 offers #disPLACEment, an immersive, participatory installation linking communities in New York, Athens, and other sites where refuge and dislocation collide.

#disPLACEment is the culmination of intensive community workshops at a collectively governed refugee-squat in Athens. Amidst rupture and dislocation, we ask: how can dance physicalize new conceptions of community? How can we bring excluded narratives into unexpected spaces? How can art make space for displaced bodies?

An experimental dialogue in movement and physicalized narrative between passTRESpass between the United States and Athens, Greece, live-streamed through a porous, unbounded performance space in Times Square.

Video and sound installation for live simultaneous performances, disPLACEment November 19 and 20, 2016, New York and Athens, Greece