Collective Project

Making Worlds: a Commons Coalition is a collaborative effort by individuals and groups to explore the utility of the commons in creating a better world. It brings projects working to reclaim the commons to the fore. Commons can be defined as resources managed and sustained by the communities that make use of them. Making Worlds grows out of an understanding that commoning is a process in which everyone can participate, every voice can contribute, an open movement that belongs to no one and to everyone. Through holding conversations in communities around New York city among organizations, activists and others, we aim to create links between the Commons movement, activist organizations and people who may not consider themselves activists. This way we can become visible to each other and work together on our shared problems.

We organized Making Worlds Forums, “BUILDING THE COMMONS” for conversations on how to build spaces and projects for a politics, technology, culture, and an economy of, by and for the all people.

Come join the conversation. Welcome to the Paradigm Shift! Everyone’s invited!


Making Worlds: a Commons Coalition was formed in 2011 during the occupation of Zuccotti Park in order to bring projects working to reclaim the commons, recognizing that the Occupy movement is a form of commoning.

Initially Occupy Wall St (OWS) focused on protests against corporate greed and income inequality. However, many OWS supporters understand the movement as a way of creating solutions to inequality and envisioning a future inspired by the concept of the “commons.” The commons belong to the 99% yet are endangered by privatization and commodification.

We invite you to participate in a conversation to explore, strengthen, and connect our efforts, projects, and lives through practices of commoning. A core of commoning practices has always sustained human life. This is a call to envision new ways of organizing our lives and our activism through the lens of the commons.


We have been working on different lines of research and actions:

a) Conversations  

b) Collective History Mapping: Making worlds, making histories 

c) Workshops

d) Collaborations 

e) Forum on the commons

f) A commons manual

More information can be found on our Making Worlds Facebook page